Healthcare Uses

Viral Threats

Flu, E. coli, Listeria, MRSA, NoroVirus, H1N1, Salmonella, Staph/VRE, Pseudomonas

Top Threat Hotspots

Examining rooms, waiting rooms, common areas, bathrooms, dental offices, operating rooms, laboratories, wheelchairs, gurneys & patient transport equipment, ambulances, EMT equipment, uniforms, medical instruments, trash cans, and bathrooms.  

Sanitization Strategy

Frequently spray down germ and bacterial hotspots using a recommended solution of up to of 200 ppm FAC (Free Available Chlorine). Treat affected areas and kill mold, germs and bacteria  with no wiping required allowing for the highest impact of kill time.

Dental Use

Oral Rinse: Can be used routinely to promote gum health and stop bacteria causing gingivitis. For oral rinse, a use of 50-200 ppm FAC is recommended. Do not intentionally ingest.

Oral Surgery: Use as a rinse during root canals and extractions. Also aids in post-surgery care to prevent infection and promote healing. Rinse several times daily with a solution of 50-200 ppm FAC.

Dental and Surgical Instrument Sterilization: Always follow manufacturer’s instructions and established protocols when sterilizing instruments. Clean instruments of any organic and inorganic matter before submerging and soaking instruments in a solution of 200 ppm FAC for the recommended CDC time of  ten minutes . Do not rinse, and allow to air dry in a sterile environment.


Topical Wound Care: For the cleaning and healing of abrasions, burns, cuts, post- operation incisions, rashes, skin irritations, skin ulcers, bed sores. Saturate the dressing with an FAC of 50-200 ppm to the affected area. Repeat 3-4 times daily until the wound or ailment is healed.

Terminal Cleaning of Rooms: Spray a concentrated solution of 200 ppm  FAC after terminal cleaning has been completed on all surfaces.

Floors: Clean entire  area properly, followed by a spray or fog solution at 200 ppm FAC.  

Air conditioning units: Spray a solution of up to 200 ppm FAC in evaporation trays daily to prevent legionella.

Floor drains: Pour solution of up to 200 ppm FAC directly into drains and traps to break up biofilm and kill Listeria.

Toilets and showers: After conventional cleaning, use a solution of  up to 200 ppm FAC to mist shower floor, toilets and walls to kill fungus, MRSA, E. coli and other fecal transmitted bacteria.  

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