Hospitality Uses

Viral Threats

G+ and G- bacteria,  Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Clostridium difficile spores, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV, VRE, MRSA, and MRSE

Top Threat Hotspots

Kitchen space, eating areas, tables, seats, registers, menus, bars, barstools, utensils, bathrooms, lounges, waiting areas, bathrooms, and all food contact surface.

Sanitation Strategy

Frequently spray or mist any bacterial hotspots and equipment using a solution of up to 200 ppm FAC (Free Available Chlorine). Treat affected areas and kill mold, germs and bacteria with no wiping required allowing for the highest impact of kill time


Floors: Clean entire  area properly, followed by a spray or fog solution at 200 ppm FAC.  

Air conditioning units: Spray solution of up to 200 ppm FAC in evaporation trays daily to prevent legionella.

Bathrooms: After conventional cleaning, mist toilet, floors and sinks with a solution of up to 200 ppm FAC to eliminate E. coli and other fecal transmitted bacteria.

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