About Us

Scotty’s Creams

Leading the way, Naturally

Founded in 2002

We have known about certain products that would relieve pain. We moved to Northern California to learn more and to improve the product we now call Best Game Pain Relief Cream and Lotion. After working on our consistency problems and finding a solution, we started with our pain relief cream as our first product. Then we saw a number of things that could improve our products and that led to the creating new and better products. We have developed a skin care line that can be used safely and effectively on a daily basis without side effects. Our products have proven to be safe for most skin types and for persons of all ages. It has also been people tested for use on animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and 1 hamster.

We have helped thousands of people over the years, one played professional football in No. California. After applying it on his knees, he came back a day later just to shake my hand and say thank you. He had enjoyed working all weekend in his yard, which was almost impossible before he used our Best Game Pain Relief Cream. Another played football in Texas and a couple other places, both of them are retired now, but still want to play their best game. We have people who used our Best Game before running their marathons who find their best game at the finish line. Most of us are just average people with arthritis, bad knee’s or many other ailments, but like so many of us we still want to enjoy activities with our children and grandchildren, without an offense smell or odor.

A few years ago we developed a wrinkle cream that is second to none, all natural without the chemicals you normally find in this type of product. We are helping the skin recover from years of abuse with antioxidants, essential oils and organic minerals that others will not use because of cost. Most see wrinkles diminish overnight. We have found that when applied to your face even the jowls will shrink and make your face slimmer, not like other creams that will make your face fatter.

We at Scotty’s Creams want to make your life and your family members lives better and more enjoyable without harming you with chemicals that can have long term side effects. We will continue to strive to make our products better and healthier as we always have. We have always given a 30 day unconditional guarantee because we have the confidence in all our products.

Douglas Cooper
Developer of Scotty’s Creams