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Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Relief Cream

What kind of side effects can I expect both in a long and short term?

Absolutely none. We have been using these products for over a decade without any problem of any kind. Not even exposure to the sun will cause skin sensitivity problem as may find in other pain relievers.

Are there any chemicals in Best Game Gold Pain Relief Cream?

No, we are adamant that our products be natural and safe without any human-made products. Our creams are safe for all ages.

Can I use the product in my child?

Scotty's Creams are safe for any age. We have never had a problem with anyone at any age. Many youths use our products for skin and pain problem with confidence. Nevertheless, we always recommend testing in a small area of the skin to ensure there are no allergies to any ingredients in our creams.

Are there any chemicals in Best Game Gold Pain Relief Cream?

No, we are adamant that our products be natural and safe without any human-made products. Our creams are safe for all ages.

How long has Scotty's Creams been making Best Game Pain Relief Cream?

Scotty's Creams have been making Best Game Gold Pain Relief Cream since 2002. We have sent our products around the world.

Acne and Rosacea Cream

Will Scotty's Creams work well with my make-up?

Yes, your makeup will go on smoother, and you may find that, with its continuous use, you will need less than before because your skin is naturally more beautiful and healthy.

How will the natural sunscreen benefit my skin?

A sunscreen that you buy in a local store is not the best for your skin. Those regular sunscreens are chemically designed to protect just the top layer of your skin, and they also block the production of Vitamin D. You want to protect all the layers of your skin and allow your body to produce vitamin D when the skin absorbs the sunlight. Scotty's Acne Cream is anti-aging, and the minerals and the protection from the sun are to your advantage.

Why would I want to use Scotty's Acne Cream instead of over the counter acne products?

Most other creams or ointments won't work and will usually help only the people with minor acne problems. Their two and three-part preparations are chemically derived (often including acids and other strong chemicals) and can cause serious problems. They are designed to dry the skin instead of making it healthier. In some cases, these products can even cause kidney and liver damage.

Psoriasis and Eczema Cream

What makes Scotty's Creams different than other skin creams?

Scotty's creams are made with minerals and essential oils that nourish your skin with absolutely no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Scotty's is soft and gentle. Even small children can use it.

Will  Scotty's will really help with my skin disorder?

Scotty's Psoriasis and Eczema Cream is unique, and it can work for almost any skin disorder while not irritating the skin. It is hard to predict how your skin will react to a new stimulus. Try Scotty's Creams for 30 days. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the unused portion with your receipt and your full purchase price will be refunded.

Is Scotty's safe for children?

Yes.  Scotty's Psoriasis and Eczema Cream does not contain any pharmaceuticals, steroids or other unsafe chemicals

Are there any side effects to Scotty's Skin Cream?

No.  We firmly believe Mother Nature knows best! Our products have no known side effects.

Does Scotty's have any skin protection?

Yes.  Scotty's Cream's Psoriasis and Eczema Cream contains a sunscreen that is all natural.

Majee Slimming Gel and Firming Lotion

How does the Slimming Gel works?

Our unique combination of ingredients penetrates the skin and gets to the blood helping rejuvenate tissues in your whole body. This exclusive mix of nourishing ingredients includes ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, conductive minerals, DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide), Allantoin, Hydrovance, vitamin C, flower essences, arnica, hydrosols and a specific essential oil formula. Our ORMUS Gel Base vibrates off the charts.

Can anyone use Majee Slimming Gel?

Everyone is different, and you may react differently to any stimuli. In most cases, our Slimming Gel is safe to use and is frequently used by people of all ages. Please read our warning about use. It could make you sick, and it can also make you feel better.

Can I use it with other skin care products?

Yes, in most cases, as our products are all natural and safe to use long term, even for children. Always test in a small area of your skin to be sure there is no allergic reaction, as you should do with any product that you apply on your skin.

Is Majee Slimming Gel a diet program?

No, It is a gel that you can apply on the skin for soft fat and cellulite. Majee Smiling gel is designed to release the soft fatty tissue under your skin, like belly fat, arms, legs, under eyes and cellulite.

Does Majee Slimming Gel works on both men and woman?

Yes, although the woman has softer fat than men. In many cases, men can use our slimming gel with great success.